The track - a flavour of Bella nights in winter

Sprinting is perhaps the purest example of the speed and power the human body can produce. It is also, alongside endurance-based sessions, a central component of the training regime at Bellahouston Harriers.

On Thursday nights during the winter months, the athletics track at Hutcheson’s Grammar School on the southside of Glasgow becomes a second home for the club. Members are put through their paces in sprint sessions that generally range from repeat short, sharp 200 metre bursts, to longer eyeballs-out efforts over the full 400 metre lap distance.

Track nights are, of course, about how hard a runner can push themselves. Yet they are also so much more than that. The floodlights; the heat haze; the shouts of encouragement and group camaraderie. The atmosphere is captured neatly by professional photographer and Harriers member Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert in this video from one Thursday night at track shortly after new year.

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Bellahouston Harriers are an amateur running club based on the south side of Glasgow.

Our friendly atmosphere and great coaching make us a great choice if you are looking to start running for a club or if you have run with a club before.

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